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Street Fashion 3
25 March 2009

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29 December 2008

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25 August 2008

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Caught in the Web!
26 May 2008

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Bleeding Hearts
17 May 2008

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Urban Decay 2
13 May 2008

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Urban Decay
12 May 2008

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A day at the Dentist
17 April 2008

Recent Comments

Stephen on You Little Monkey!
A sweet moment in time beautifully captured. The bokeh is perfect.

awil on Eden Project
de belles images mais pourquoi ce format si petit?

Barbara on Gecko
Outstanding macro.

Olivier rault on Misty Morning
C'est absolument magnifique, on a l'impression d'un tableau, j'adore !

Olivier Rault on Alnmouth
Beautiful shot, nice colors and tone, it's amazing !

Olivier Rault on Aberporth
Fantastic shot, well done, i love it, great HDR !

yvanmarn on Tolox 2
Great photo, well executed. Congratulations!

Rémi on Niagara
Wow this is a fantastic point of view of the falls ! Are they always this way (blue/green) ? Really love it !

Maben Polanski on Tolox 2
Stunningly beautiful! Nice Work! :)

nigel on Cyberman
kind of like a mix between cybermen and studio 64 :)

CatAddicted on Peacock Tree Frog
stunning. really fantastic

Monique on Peacock Tree Frog
Wow, what a fantastic capture! Perfect how this colourful frog stands out against the dark background

Rags on Tolox 2
wow! amazing.

Stefan on Tolox 2
Perfectly done with the sun and the details of the town. This is not easy to get into a picture. Excelent work. Congrat.

Bethany on The Last Cub
Oh my gosh! So cute!

Bethany on Tolox 2
Very pretty! I like how you captured the view with the sun coming through the tree.

Zora Zoé on Hiiissssssssssssssss
sssstanding ovation... just absolutely b.r.i.l.l.i.a.n.t !!!

"... م.ر.گ ..." on Tolox 2
this is great

Lisch on Peacock Tree Frog
Wow! It's a fantastic shot, love the colours and contrast!

MMC Photos on Buzzard
Looks like a hawk, in all your wildlife photos you have captured their expressions. Great job.

Matt on Tolox 2
Very well done! Great composition, and the tones and hues are masterfully balanced to pull the image off. Great work!

Bethany on Can't get enough of that Fox Cub
What a cute photo of him in action!

Stefan on Tolox 2
Wow, just beautiful!

observing on Tolox 2
Pure magic Julian, an excellent shot.

Twelvebit on March of the Badger
Fabulous animal shots.

Twelvebit on Kestrel
Magnificent animal shots.

Twelvebit on Sneakin' Wildcat
My kind of cat.

Twelvebit on Red Squirrel
Fabulous. BTW, thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm finally starting to catch up.

Twelvebit on It's that cute L'il Fox Cub again
That's a super cutie. Can't imagine where I could find a photo opportunity like that around here.

Twelvebit on The Last Cub

Rags on Tolox 2
amazing light.

stormtrooper on Tolox 2
I did not realise that was a settlement and not snow. Great shot by the way.

Onlymehdi on Tolox 2
Super SHOT

Khorshid.~ on Tolox 2
such a Lovely shot... Nicely done! :)

dkc on Tolox 2
So beautiful and colourful light!

Tony Duque on Tolox 2
Another beauty, Julian... very interestingly composed, too. Thanks, again, for sharing your terrific picture with us!!

Tony Duque on Tolox
That's an absolutely wonderful shot, Julian. And as nice and unobtrusive hdr effort (I'm guessing) and ...

Laurie on Tolox 2
Beautiful light. Excellent.

john4jack on Tolox 2
Well done.

Tracy on Tolox 2
Awesome! fabulous light!

Elora on Tolox 2
Nice view! I like how the sun seems to be exploding from behind the palm!

micke bergling on Tolox 2

ali on Tolox 2

Eleftheria on Tolox 2

Ana Lúcia on Tolox 2
Gorgeous image. Beautiful scenery.

zOOm on Tolox 2
Great post-processing indeed, lovely sun lights through the leaves !

Alun Lambert on Tolox 2
great shot, looks like an early start

Frida on Tolox
Really nice sunset.

Rags on Tolox
Very nice.

Tracy on Tolox
Wow! absolutely stunning!

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